While the Inquisition enjoys absolute authority, in reality the cooperation of the other High Lords is essential in maintaining this position.In this respect, the Respresentative is in an unparalleled position of leverage, for they have not attained this role by personal ambition or desire, and therefore risk no personal stake in their dealings with the other High Lords. The affairs of an Inquisitor are moves in a very dangerous and complicated game played by the various factions and ordos of the Inquisition itself.To serve as (or directly with) an Inquisitor is to place oneself squarely as one of the foremost pieces on the game board, and there are many both within the Inquisition and without (often powerful members of the.No longer is it enough to merely confront the enemies of Mankind -- Throne Agents must also watch their back and prepare for the machinations of their allies.Their life is instead bound up in duty and responsibility. Some Inquisitors use outlandish weaponry, taken from defeated foes: exotic hardware, alien guns and,Inquisitors themselves care little for morality, and nothing at all for the Imperium's many laws and procedures, except when they choose to make use of them. A cell will last as long as the particular problem or menace remains, and may last for several standard years. However, the same cannot be said for Inquisitors within a particular ordo. If a suitable candidate is found, they will become part of the Inquisitor's retinue as an Acolyte where they may serve in a minor capacity whilst the Inquisitor continues their evaluation. However, within his cadre, an Inquisitor may form relationships, even friendships, not possible otherwise. Inquisitors are as varied in appearance and manner as the myriad threats they face. Next, the accuser lays bare his evidence and makes his case.The accused gets the opportunity to defend themselves, calling whatever witnesses or presenting whatever evidence they feel appropriate, although in many cases they are not given much time to prepare. In addition to philosophy, the student also learns what their teacher knows of the internal workings of the Inquisition. Unlike a tactical wargame or role-playing game, Inquisitor describes itself as a "narrative" skirmish game, with an emphasis on storytelling in the nature of action movies or adventure novels, as opposed to a focus on winning at all costs.There were several additional companion rulebooks for the Inquisitor game available:There are three campaigns in the game and each has a,Player characters are usually represented in-game by 54 mm miniatures purchased from Games Workshop, roughly twice as large as the standard 28 mm Heroic scale of WH40K miniatures.

Perhaps a newly ascended Inquisitor has only a small pool of allies on which to draw, or one of a more Radical bent has, by way of his viewpoint, fewer willing to aid him. Where a,If perspicacious enough, an Inquisitor will be able to detect incipient disaster through analysis or instinct, excising the cancer before it takes root, whether in person or through the scalpel of the.There are no lengths to which an Inquisitor will not go in pursuit of their duty, no sanction too extreme. Conversely, he includes as negatives the cost of the game, and stated that "Completely ignoring races like the Space Orks, Eldar and most importantly, the Tyranids is a pretty glaring omission. These are temporary, short-lived affairs on the whole. Inquisitors are free to leave cells or to invite new members to join the effort, and they are organised on an ad-hoc basis,Official chart showing the relationship and interaction of an Inquisitor's cadre.Broadly speaking, each Inquisitor controls a network of agents beholden to serve their needs and interests. For a start, the Inquisition moves in many different ways, according to the judgement and character of its agents.

Many do eventually go mad, unable to sustain the relentless assault upon their very sanity. After noting problems with the variability of product quality ("the usual excellence displayed in such figures as Artemis to the rushed look of some others like Slick Devlan") and complimenting the quality of artwork ("all the good stuff that you'd expect of a Games Workshop product set in the 40K Universe"), he discusses the mechanics; he states, "The great strength of the GW game in its gearing towards competitive play is understandably missing here. After a set amount of time, his master will provide a recommendation on his behalf to one of the Ordos of the Inquisition to advance his pupil to full Inquisitorial rank. Members of the conclave seldom take a martial lead -- such things are best left to the commander of whichever forces the conclave has requisitioned. They are creatures of myth as much of flesh and blood, relentless beings who descend from on high to pass judgement upon the mutant, the traitor and the heretic. Over time, some of these groupings become more or less formalised, establishing their own traditions and spheres of influence, and while some members move on, others join.Even where very formalised and well-established bodies exists, such as the.Throughout his career, an Inquisitor is likely to amass a great wealth of personal assets. Perhaps, if enough evidence can be gathered, it can be presented before a conclave, and a judgement of.More commonly, an Inquisitor is left to take matters into his own hands.

There are a number of Inquisitors who are more rigorous in regard to the pursuit of apprentices and will spend a proportion of their time seeking suitable candidates - sometimes from the ranks of other Imperial organizations.There exist no set criteria in regards to physical condition for a possible candidate when being selected to join the ranks of the Inquisition. Some announce their coming so as to strike terror into the hearts of the Emperor's foes, while others move about stealthily, watching from the shadows before striking.An Inquisitor would be foolish indeed to arrive at a world suspected of imminent secession and attempt to arrest the.In practice then, Inquisitors are essentially "peers of the Imperium." This revolves around the issue that he points out, that "There seems to be very little support, even when compared to other sideline games like Mordheim. They may openly reveal their presence to local military commanders and thus garner the resources they need. This can be as subtle as a particular type of stitching used on the hem of robes and coats, or more open such as the wearing of a particular style of ring or broach.By these means, Inquisitors can identify and cooperate with their allies without fear of betraying themselves, or their comrades.

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