You will be running circles over and over again, and there is no way around it.

So, the Pause is not 100% safe. The Kogog Aak level was a nice change of pace, though, *that* was awesome.While the graphics are well done for a AA title, and lovingly inked and assembled, they also feel very average compared to all the rest of the competition in the isometric arpg genre. There were also times when, despite the number of in-game enemies, that the world felt a little barren. Yes, you will be kiting, make no doubt about it. Overall, though, some of the levels are just a little dark and generic looking for my taste. Kiting. The battle system is quite robust, and it also allows for some puzzle-like battles that are designed to take advantage of class swap outs. 30FPS works just as well to my surprise.

While it took me awhile to like this game, once it got going about 8-10 hrs in, I was really enjoying myself. Reverting to the Devourer will allow you to kill the forces in the shadow realm which, in turn, means the enemy can no longer be resurrected in the mortal realm.Over the course of the game, you’ll be switching between realms constantly in order to discover clues, tackle enemies and solve puzzles. I used three different controllers and it was not difficult to play on a controller at all. Any fears I had around things being too complex or esoteric simply melted away; put the time in and this game is accessible to anyone.So, did Shadows: Awakening cure me of my aversion to isometric RPGs? Many of the souls in the demon can’t even talk, but the ones that do speak did eventually pan out with an interesting story with a few slight twists here and there.The best part are the side quests, with interesting story offshoots and a myraid of mazes and doors that need unlocking. Shadows: Awakening could use a longer power curve, or to dole out some more significant fights or abilities, to keep things from feeling stale. In your quest to bring order (or chaos) to the Heretic Kingdoms, you’ll … It’s a well thought out way of combat and runs surprisingly well with a controller too. But, otherwise, it won’t seem to do that. The first of these choices is at the beginning where you pick your soul puppet from a Mage, Hunter, or Warrior. Overall, though, I was pleasantly surprised at how accessible and enjoyable the game is, and how much mileage can be derived from that unique realm-switching mechanic. It’s the best possible version of what it is, but after a while, a lot of the shine wore off and it started feeling like a particularly violent part-time job. It’s not as bad as platforming, but it requires fast, precise movement to complete those areas and not all RPG gamers enjoy that. There is no camera-pan either, and it was a little annoying, but I got used to it with time.The menus are not great, it’s just too much to sort through and its organized well, but not in a friendly manner. Just look at.I loved, I mean LOVED having Tom Baker as a voice actor.

It’s fast, with the need to change party members on the fly to address certain enemies without much in the way of pausing.

Do not expect a.You level up all your party members as you go, but their weapons, armor, skills, talents, and buffs do not.

There are a few other main branches based on how you react to questions in a side quest, but the repercussions were not as strong as not being able to see a full-on character. Thereafter, I just lost interest in the puzzles as they all felt the same and offered nothing interesting or much challenge. While not as heart pounding as the more common third person arpg’s of late, it’s still thrilling and requires complete attention to play in a sort of dance of death as you balance one character to the edge of health and then move to the next while they recover.
Hours upon hours went by and I kept thinking the game was just so-so until I got to some good conflict. So, you will get a TON of backstory involved and world history. Visually, Shadows: Awakening is serviceable enough, with decent lighting effects, particularly when you inhabit the shadow realm. With my warrior, I reached an impassable gap, with no obvious way to progress. I’ll confess that I wasn’t too enamoured at the prospect of playing an isometric action RPG, but I was prepared to park my preconceptions at the door and give it a chance.

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