It went on to sell 4.1 million copies, making it the best-selling album in America in 2006.Naya Rivera from Glee auditioned for Gabriela in High School Musical but didn't get the part.In the championship game if you look at the scoreboard at the end of the game, you can see that Troy was the last person to foul and had received 3 fouls in the game.Michael Jackson called Zac Efron to tell him he enjoyed his work in High School Musical. EASY. is heard. Additionally, Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella) would later go on to play Rizzo in Grease Live (2016).It's never explained why Chad and Ryan switch clothes following the "I Don't Dance" number.

10. High School Musical 2 10 questions Easy, 10 Qns, caligirl21, May 24 08. Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10.Difficulty: Easy.Played 9,156 times. At this point, Troy essentially looks like a blue spot in a sea of red.At the time Coleman was called back to play Taylor McKessie, she had nearly quit acting. ... and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens)) is the only duet between the two in the High School Musical trilogy that is performed in full costume. 10. ".The falling snow in the New Year's scenes was potato flakes.On January 20, 2016, the original cast came together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of the movie. He also admits he had no formal training of any type; he was just winging it.Producer Don Schain spent most of his career producing and directing low budget R-rated exploitation films featuring nudity, sex and violence in the 70s and 80s before becoming a producer for the Disney Channel and this movie. Alyson Reed actually starred in several Broadway productions earlier in her career.Zac Efron admits he was living in a tiny efficiency when he made these movies.

In this shot Zac Efron hit several balls and all towards cameras manned by crew members and people around them. This is the category for High School Musical quizzes about the movie(s) and the cast for all to enjoy. HSM 2 Trivia. ... if you havent watched high school musical 2 DONT do this quiz because there is … In "What Time Is It," he is in the basketball dance, doing a handshake with Troy, and is wearing a red short-sleeved shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt. This quiz is all about the Disney Channel's "High School Musical 2." His only appearance was a prerecorded message in which he stated which scene from the franchise was his favorite (the scene was "We're All In This Together").A duet between Coach Bolton and Ms. Darbus was planned but never filmed.The soundtrack was recorded in five days. Next shot in the kitchen, when Chad hands that burger to Zeke to add the Swiss, behind him Jason has been on kitchen dish duty wearing the green tee and blue apron. ".Corbin Bleu said that the toughest day of filming for him was the day of the "I Don't Dance" musical and dance sequence.Most of the country club members seen in this movie are real members of the actual country club where the film was made.During an interview about the song "Gotta Go My Own Way," Ashley Tisdale said it was her favorite song from the film's soundtrack.At the end of the film, Troy and Gabriella jump into the pool. You can see him in the songs "What Time is it?" ).First duo to have 3 Hot 100 debut singles appear in 2 weeks on the Hot 100: Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens.First duo to have 2 Hot 100 debut singles in the same week: Lucas Gabreel & Ashley Tisdale.First female to have 3 debut chart credits in 2 weeks: Vanessa Anne Hudgens.First female to have 2 debut chart credits in 1 week: Ashley Tisdale,Biggest jump in Hot 100 history: (86-4) 82 points, "Breaking Free" by Zac & Vanessa. High School Musical Trivia. If you look closely during the number in the movie, she is still having trouble.Zac Efron said that the most difficult dance moves for him were during "What Time Is It. "High School Musical" was the working title for the film while producers brainstormed a better name. High School Musical 2 now stands as the highest rated Disney Channel original movie premiere with more than 17.2 …

),First artist to debut with 4 Hot 100 singles in two weeks: Zac Efron. Efron says he was completely flabbergasted and actually broke out in tears during the call.Lucas Grabeel originally auditioned to play Troy Bolton.Ashley Tisdale is a natural brunette and switched back to it a year after filming the last movie in the franchise.In the two weeks following the first presentation of this movie on the Disney Channel, at least 8 tracks from the movie appeared on the Billboard Hot 100, the most simultaneous songs ever from one album at that point in time. Their relationship lasted from 2006-2010.The cell phone ring that gives the class detention has the tune of the song "Start of Something New. Then he requested for them to try it standing up, and when they did so, he used it in the movie in during the opening song.During the final chorus in "I Don't Dance," the dancers and players are moving and singing faster because it was getting dark and they needed to finish quickly. I hope you have a great time taking my quiz! Students still use Sharpay's pink locker.According to Corbin Bleu, whenever the principal cast members get together, they always discuss doing a High School Musical reunion. It was actually a dance studio, but they covered the mirrors.

In addition, many other Hot 100 chart records were set or broken. The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006) broke this record with 8.3 million viewers on its premiere night. During filming, all the six main characters jumped in, but only Troy's and Gabriella's jumps made the final film cut.Before filming this movie, Monique Coleman did not know how to swim and was actually afraid of the water. There are easy ones and hard ones. One strong example is the shot of Troy, the Wildcats, and the cheering fans seen out the window immediately before Gabriella sings "When There Was Me and You." There was never confirmation either way; although, Ryan appears to show interest in Kelsi in the third film. High School Musical 2 Trivia; High School Musical 2 Quizzes.

As of Sep 09 20.

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