Not talking about Fingerling/Flawless, I'm talking about the actual fishes, like Bass and Clownfish. Vitality is its strongest point, adding a whopping 79 points. Players earn e All rights reserved. But I also have over 1800% magic find. Very low stats plague the Creeping Widow, but it has a saving grace: It's speed.

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Fate: The Traitor Soul for PC. Transforms the pet into The Argonaut, who appears the same as Cyrus (Broadwing Scout/Missionary). Although it's harder to find rarer items here, you can even fish in the town of Grove!There are four "levels" of fish which can be caught/traded. This code expires 3/21/2011 or March 21, 2011. At least it don't dies after 5 hits, like cat.flawless clownfish (verified) - gives Venomous Wyvern. Although statistically inferior to many pets, including Swathe, The Argonaut is among the quickest pets (Losing solely to the Widowling and basic pet) while still possessing Heroic Damage, which is incredibly useful later on in the game.Transforms the pet into a Crystalon Cutter, which is under-average statistically. Just find some magic find stuff for your dog and it will help you get magic stuff.

[In Undiscovered Realms, this transforms the pet into an Ebony Stalker.

Don't think I only have Fate,why use the fish if you get all the hero items like argonaut stuff you get the essence and.May i know what is the best weapon and armour in Fate Traitor Soul?legendary foe cannibal and legendary kontol yahudi,if you want to fight with nemesis just type nemsis,magic=that fish that makes yer pet a gryphon,flawless black jackfish, it turns your fish into a roach king its not the best its level,hold down shift+crtl+~(or the button above tab)elite splint mail,elite great helm,scale.Hey, how do you fight the thunder dragon on level 8 in traitor soul?type thunder dragon after holding the keys,im level 1000000000 lol i need better weapons and how do i get back armour in it,legendary footsteps if you sell this 11million.What is the best back armor in fate the traitor soul??

We've posted a discussion with detailed instructions on how to use the code.

But you can also spend a lot of time fishing in the deeper levels, and still get mostly fingerling and good fish. (They are obtained from.The elixir gained from completing the Druantia-sided Fate Statue.

The character must then wait for an exclamation point to appear above their head and quickly click "Set the Hook".

Elixirs are consumed like fish, but cannot be fished for or purchased. I do not no the best,To get flawless icefish hold ctrl shift and ~ Then a ?
Mostly because the dog is the most unobtrusive animal in the game. Most artifacts have stat requirements that must be met before the item may be used, and they always start out as unidentified.

The unlock code for Fate: The Traitor Soul is D9CF-HHLL-LLXE. It all depends on the statistics the,There is a cheat to get it.

Speed and damage are average, while staying power is quite weak.Transforms the pet into a Voltaic Snail. One of only three pets to use an elemental attack, the Salamander is a fire-breathing lizard. The debuffs they cast are great. Although it's harder to find rarer items here… Armour increases by 47. Especially the way it takes mana from whatever you are fighting. The unlock code for FATE: The Traitor Soul is D9CF-HHLL-LLXE. Keeps them from casting spells on you.Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.© Valve Corporation. The cool thing about it is not only does it have a chance to poison the enemy, it can also potentially stop them, allowing you to escape more easily if you need to do so.Venomous Wyvern seems to be best animal, according to statistics.

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