Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit Review. They have smooth frequencies and deliver a clear and concise sound. And it’s also one of the best microphones you can use for snare drum. This requires recording good sounding drums that have been tuned correctly, ideally with brand new high quality drumheads.Recording drums is undoubtedly one of the trickiest and time-consuming parts of the recording experience, but the rewards of a well-thought out recording approach make it well worth the effort.It is good to look for a drum mic kit that offers a larger number of microphones, as this will offer you the opportunity to experiment with different microphone positions and to capture each individual drum set component effectively.However, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to microphones as well as the recording approach. Two or three well-placed quality microphones will lead to a better result than ten poor quality microphones that are set up incorrectly.I have achieved fantastic drum sounds from a.But of course, the best quality drum sounds will always be achieved at professional recording studios, with a large number of microphones and in a room with brilliant acoustic sound properties.Recording my band’s debut album at Graphic Nature Audio in New Jersey, we used 17 microphones to capture the drum set from a variety of angles and proximities. They capture a smooth and detailed response that has just the right amount of high-end attack as well as warmth that hits just the right spot.This is a highly practical drum recording solution that is offered at an affordable price. mic positioning 13 correct ways to mic up a drum kit.

The DD5 Drum Microphone Set comes with five of the most...The DP7 Plus Drum Mic Bundle represents the latest collection of drum kit microphones from Audix, a manufacturer that has built its stellar reputation around crafting...Reach for the Sennheiser e600 Drum Pack when you need to effectively mic up a a drum kit. We’re here to help – we’ve spent countless hours recording drums and miking them up for live performances here at Sweetwater, and we’re confident you can achieve a great drum sound in almost any venue with these mics and a little know-how.
However, with this product you will receive 3 of the best dynamic drum mics, and will never require an upgrade.The e604 delivers a fantastic frequency response range of 40Hz-18kHz with a tight cardioid polar pattern to capture the direct sound of the drums.These microphones are designed near perfectly, being virtually bulletproof and leaving a very small footprint on the drum set with its miniature size. From $2099. Shure has produced a winner for this category of best drum mics with an excellent quality set of microphones that also offers fantastic value for money.This is a 4-piece drum mic kit. From $1599. $110.00. In a close second place we have this complete premium drum-recording solution made by Audix. It is similar to the Audix DP7 drum mic kit in the way it also features 7 instrument-specific microphones for a full drum set.This drum mic pack includes 7 specifically chosen mics that are Sennheiser’s flagship range of microphones. Sabian has developed and manufactured a simple 3 mic setup to be utilized with a mixer specifically designed for recording drums.This kit is the simplest solution available for recording drums. A well-tuned kit significantly improves the sound quality for recording and live sound reinforcement. CMK4. Many of these microphones were room microphones to achieve a ‘live’ and realistic feel within the music.After you have purchased a set of drum mics, you will also need various other components to begin recording drums into a computer. Depend on your budget and your need, you can only use one room microphone or you can have a near room and a far room microphone. Make Offer - Nady DMK-7 Drum Mic Kit with four DM-70 Mics, two CM-88 Mics and one DM-80 Mic. This is a low budget set of microphones and this is an option if you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, to simply get the job done.These microphones have been tuned to capture a wide frequency range and they are compact and versatile. The Earthworks DK7 Drum Kit System is 7 microphone kit comprised of 4 DM20 precision engineered cardioid condenser microphones designed for close miking toms and snare, plus 2 SR25 cardioids for miking overheads, and 1 specially engineered SR20LS (low sensitivity) for kick drum that can be deployed in both live performance and studio recording environments. All of the dynamic mics excellently pick up a full and well-rounded sound from the drums, whilst the overheads are sensitive and crisp.Although these microphones are not Shure’s flagship range, and do not offer quite the legendary performance of the SM57 or Beta 52A, these mics share similar frequency patterns to their expensive counterparts. Nady DMK-7 Drum Mic Kit with four DM-70 Mics, two CM-88 Mics and one DM-80 Mic. They are just as rugged and deliver a rich and full sound.Although this is not a full drum set recording solution, this is a set containing 3 X e604 microphones, and these are in my opinion some of the best drum mics to use for toms.For the price you may not receive the fantastic value of the AKG Session drum mic kit, or Shure PGA 7 drum mic kit, both of which containing 7 microphones. Samson DK705 5-Piece Drum Microphone Kit & Case with 5X Mic Cable, 20 ft. XLR Bulk + Hosa Label A Cable Kit, 60 Peel Off Labels - Valued Accessory Bundle 4.8 out of 5 stars 5 $199.99 $ 199 .

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