Species: Dall Sheep. Good grayling fishing and gold panning is usually available near camp.We utilize lightweight expedition-grade backpack tents. Method: Rifle. This is a classic horseback sheep hunt in the famed Alaska Range east of Denali National Park. Alaska Sheep Hunting Season Sheep hunting … For the ultimate Canadian hunting experience book our extraordinary 12 day Mixed Bag Hunt for a chance to take 3 - 5 trophies in one spectacular hunt! 1×1 Guided & Filmed Trophy Arctic Grizzly Hunts: $19,750.00 (Other animals on trophy fee basis) Fly-in Fee: $1,100.00. GUIDED DALL SHEEP HUNTS / BROOKS RANGE, AK. $22,800. Call 1-800-346-8747. From here you will repack your gear, do the necessary paperwork, shoot your rifle, and then get ready to fly out to your base camp. for anything over 40 lbs. These 10 day plus hunts begin in early August and end on 20.$160 license, $850 sheep tag, $800 moose tag, $1,000 grizzly tag, $650 caribou tag purchase prior to arrival online or in camp with cash.1×1 guide service, meals, cabin & tent camp accomadations, trophy care of game.Airfare, charter flight (approximatly $750 round trip), license, tags, gratuity, personal items.Fly to Fairbanks AK, take the shuttle or train to Healy AK where you will met by outfitter and overnight.

For more information on rates, deposits and Combo hunt prices, check out the hunt prices page. Our trophy Dall Sheep hunts in the Central Brooks Range run from August 10th to 19th, or from August 21st to 30th. WE OPERATE THREE TROPHY DALL SHEEP CAMPS in the central Brooks Range. Recommendations will vary between guides and outfitters.

We operate out of several well outfitted camps and cabins in the Alaska Range and Talkeetna Mountains which allows for ideal access to prime areas. Our trophy Dall Sheep hunts in the Central Brooks Range run from August 10th to 19th, or from August 21st to 30th. Our Sheep hunts begin from one of these cabin equipped spike camps.

The most important thing you can do to increase your enjoyment and improve your chances of success is to be as physically fit as possible.When considering a workout or exercise routine to prepare you for the hunt, focus on improving cardiovascular and endurance while strengthening leg muscles. The scheduled village flights generally charge $1.80/lb.

Patience and determination will get you to your ram regardless the pace.Dall sheep are very alert and use their keen eyesight to detect potential predators at great distances.  Often times when stalking rams it is advantageous to climb above them, for they seem to be more focused on watching for danger from below.  Though not particularly sensitive to the sound of footfalls on stones or sliding rocks, they will quickly key in on an out of place noise such as the clank of a trekking pole or the sound of a rifle's action.  Mountain sheep tend to stay close to steep rugged terrain in which they use to escape predators (and hunters).   Rams socialize in small groups mostly isolated from groups of ewes and lambs, except during the mating season which occurs around November.  Rams establish a strictly adhered to social order by butting heads and displays of horn mass. This Alaskan-born, family-run outfit has been offering successful hunts in this same area for over thirty years. Guided Fly out fishing is available for lake trout, sheefish, arctic char, dolly varden, & pike. We have one of the best locations to hunt dall sheep, grizzly bear, and moose in all of Alaska. Dall Sheep hunters should be up for challenge and adventure.The price of a fully outfitted, guided sheep hunt is.Sheep hunting can be very strenuous; physical conditioning prior to a hunt is important. 8-day Dall sheep hunts: July 9-day Dall sheep hunts: August 10-day Dall sheep hunts: September The Mackenzie Mountains of Canada's Northwest Territories are world renowned for their Dall Sheep hunting and the South Nahanni concession with extremely high success rates and solid trophy hunts is no exception. Also grizzly bears and black bears are available on a trophy fee basis.Once landing in Bettles, you will be met by a Mountain Monarchs team member and brought to our Lodge in town, the "Ram Hole". For quality guided Dall Sheep hunts in the Brooks Range, Alaska, we recommend that you contact Joe & Crystal Miller of Alaska Statewide Guides Phone: 907-978-1148 They have built a reputation as one of Alaska’s premier outfits for not only dall sheep, but for Alaska-Yukon moose, grizzly, and caribou (caribou permits on a draw). Our Sheep are spread throughout our entire guide area. Horseback Dall Sheep Hunt in the Alaska Range. The more fit you are, the more enjoyable your hunt will be. The first, which we have been hunting in for over 20 years, may be operated and contracted with my close friend, Veteran Guide Jeff Poor, whom I have worked with for close to 25 years. You will not be hunting with a ‘rookie’ guide in any of our camps, especially on our dall sheep hunts. Home cooked meals around or over the camp fire in the old traditional way.

Dall Sheep Hunt in the Brooks Range.

THE SHEEP HUNT. Check out the.The 2019 price of a fully outfitted, 10 day guided Dall Sheep hunt is $18,200.For more information on rates, deposits and Combo hunt prices, check out the.A full curl ram, whose tip of at least one horn has grown through 360 degrees of a circle described by the outer surface of the horn, as viewed from the side.A ram with the tips of both horns broken, or broomed.A ram at least 8 years old as determined by counting annual horn rings and segments. How Much Does it cost for a Dall Sheep hunt? Our Sheep hunts consist of one guide and one hunter and are usually assisted by a wrangler and/or a cook. 1×1 Guided & Filmed Trophy Dall Sheep Hunts: $22,525.00 (Grizzly and other animals on trophy fee basis) Fly-in Fee: $1,100.00.

We offer backpack hunts where we may spike-out in sheep country between stays at base camps. Though rams may live to 13 years of age, the mortality rate increases drastically after 8 years; also the age at which rams become fully involved in the rut.There is a dizzying amount of Sheep hunting gear to choose from when preparing for a trip to Alaska. Our sheep success rate for the last 11 years has been a 93% success rate (52 rams out of 56 clients) with 100% opportunity for all of our clients. This hunt has very limited openings. Guided Dall Sheep Hunts Prized for it’s savory flesh and massive, impressive horn, the Alaskan Dall Sheep is one of the more rewarding species to hunt.

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