© Heike Vester/Ocean Sounds (Alle Rechte vorbehalten – weltweit).Ohne die schriftliche Genehmigung von Ocean Sounds ist das Downloaden, Kopieren, Duplizieren, Modifizieren, Samplen, Vertreiben oder Archivieren von Text und Bildmaterial, Videos und Sounds (auch in Teilen) nicht gestattet.Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für eine etwaige Nutzung unserer Texte, Bilder, Videos und/oder Sounds. The natural geography of the state plays a significant role in this; the mountain ranges and vast forest areas make the area unsuitable for major settlement. The smallest city, Eastport, is actually the easternmost city in the United States. Las Vegas is the 28th most populated city in the United States and is famous for its hotels, casinos, shopping centers, and fine dining.New Hampshire is one of the six New England states in the northeastern United States. Generally, states that are around the country’s border – West Coast, East Coast, and southern states – are the most populous. However, the county with the most significant decline was Martin County with a decrease of 12.31%, though its population is only 11,323 and not likely to profoundly impact the overall state population.Though the population rate for the state of Louisiana has increased by 2.38% since the nationwide census in 2010 from a population of approximately 4,544,532 to 4,659,978 in 2018, the growth did decrease slightly in 2019 by 0.159%. This figure makes Arizona the fourth fastest growing state of 2018.Between July 2017 and July 2018, Maricopa County added over 81,000 people, equal to more than 200 people per day. This figure accounts for a population density of 625 people per square mile – over seven times the national average!

The Sunshine State is so loved that the census projections for 2020 place the Floridian population at over 22 million.Jacksonville alone has a population of over 900,000 people, which is more than the populations of.Located in the southeastern corner of the North American continent, Georgia is the 21st largest state in total size (by land area). The main reason the state is losing population, though there is not a discernible growth rate decrease, is due to the attractiveness of job markets elsewhere.The landlocked state of Missouri is bordered by eight other states: Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas.Missouri’s current population estimate ranks it as the 18th most populated state in the country, though the population is unevenly spread. Though Hawaii is small, it is a beautiful and desirable land, which accounts for its high population density: 221 people per square mile across its 10,931 square miles.Idaho is one of the largest states in the US, though its population does not match its landmass. Florida’s many beaches and warm climate make it the state a trendy spot for vacations and those who want to live in that matter all year long.

Its population is estimated to be approximately 395,326, making it the 46th largest city in the United States. The most recent estimates that Alabama’s 2019 population has grown an additional 0.21% to 4,898,246 people.

At least one of the state’s 13 largest municipalities was home to nearly 51% of its residents in 2005.States Quiz - How Many States do You Know?State Capitals for each state in the US, along with each city's current population,District of Columbia (Population: 711,571). It is actually the most populated state on the East Coast and the fourth most populated state in the country. Home to cities including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, and many more, Maricopa County was the fourth most populated county in the US and attracted more net migration than any other county in the US. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are three of the largest cities in Texas, each with over one million people.

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