These shields were often painted with patterns. 922 A.D:It’s however difficult to draw conclusions from the archeological research because even at that time there were a mix of people as it was not rare for a viking to have children with a slave captured in a foreign country.
or wings attached.Metal was expensive, and only the wealthy could afford to have

There are several answers here, because you asked several questions: How did the Vikings really look? distance, using their long knives like short swords (a scramasax You can check yourself and see what you think.

These findings were based on the length of the bones that were found and are thus educated guesses.So you might be thinking that it’s not that tall regarding today’s standards but we need to remember that at the time the average height was lower than today. I have tryed to gather pictures enough to give an idea of how viking age people dressed and equiped themselves. Typical Viking shields were 80-90cm (32-36 inches) in diameter. In desperation, a poor man could pick up the farm axe and use it in a fight.More than anything else, the sword was the mark of a warrior in the Viking age.

The Vikings and other Norsemen were from the north, and dressed appropriately. ( I had the chance to see the tapisserie de bayeux in the museum, definitely worth it !

There are some finns who try to revive what is left by the scriptures of priests who dispised those gods, but sadly most of our forefathers gods are left to us only by their name and possibly a hint what was their respective role for the society.I have to say, it was heartwarming you chose to write: “our history”. Note "viking age" (since the term is used)"Viking" is a proffession, not the ethnicity witch is "Norse".

in shape, and contrary to popular belief, they did not have horns

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.This website uses cookies to improve your experience. scramasax or seax. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Hell in the trenches : Battle of Passchendaele (WW1).Was Ivan the terrible really that terrible ?Training of the best soldiers throughout history. Note “viking age”  (since the term is used)”Viking” is a proffession, not the ethnicity witch is “Norse”.Only a small percentage actually went in viking (about 7% of the population).I hope this has given a picture of the ancestors a bit clearer than that of the fantastic and romantic remnants of the Victorian era., i be ”shadowbanned”? Spears There are a lot of excavated items that show the connection by the Baltic sea. By the way, it is me in the only picture rowing a reconstructed ship of late viking age.If you are interrested in finnish viking age, I would recommend archeologist Pirkko-Liisa Lehtosalo-Hilander and from her published works the “Luistari – A History of Weapons and Ornaments”. Though I have not read her study.When it comes to Annika, she does her research for the museum of Uppsala, but i belive it is still in it´s infancy so it´s still very much theory.Either way, normal Scandinavians wouldnt dress that way anyway.Since you are from Finland i´m not surprised you take our history , and especially the “mechanics” of it, seriously.What i find, however, most pressing is to take away all the silly viking worship that often makes it´s way in to some circles of Heathens and at least make sure people outside of the north has a BASIC understanding of European and Nordic history, since it is often theirs too (one way or another).I can imagine that areas of todays Finland was well off economically and had chieftans in enough number with a good power base.Western Finland has shores connecting to Swedish Uppland and Gotland (Swedish, Danish and simply Gutish), both important trading places and i´m only guessing that there was probably some important town, fort or similar for merchants on the Finnish side too (actually, Finnish history is the next thing i will study….and it´s all you fault. 2012-08-10 00:26:42 2012-08-10 00:26:42. They were 172 cm on average with some going to 176cm and maybe even more. Some time ago I wrote about this same subject, and I think you might enjoy my article on much the same issue as yours:I did not include as many pictures as you did, but now I see how the effort you have made looking for pictures has made your article all the more informative.

The spear is mostly made of

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