Our very best yogurt and cheese is made from our sheep's milk! The East Friesian Ram is long, bold and alert and of robust character. Other things we like about this breed are that they have multiple lambs. East Friesian Sheep - The East Friesian is THE dairy sheep in the US. They do best when kept in a small herd. That's including the milk suckled by the lambs.


They are not a very hardy or adaptable breed, but their cross-breeds can be.As domesticated animals, sheep make good pets because they are docile and easily connect with humans, especially lambs that are bottle-fed. Preference is determined by cost, availability, convenience, and type of sheep. East Friesian Sheep for Sale. We choose sheep from the best breeding lines and have a closed-herd that is tested disease free.The East Friesian is a breed of dairy sheep originating from East Friesia in northern Germany. In Canada it was used to develop the Rideau Arcott. Sales Policy Email * Comment * Submit. Good feeding and careful genetic selection over several centuries has produced a high production milk sheep that is very docile and adapts well to intensive parlour milking systems. Wool sheep will not appreciate sawdust because it gets in their fleece. Contact me here for more information about available sheep * Indicates required field. Dairy farmer kept these breeds if there industry is mainly deals in milk, cheese and yogurt because these breeds provide a large amount of milk which is beneficial for owners. Miniature breeds and sheep that have hair instead of fur make ideal pets. East Friesian sheep are originated in the Friesland area of Holland and Germany in Northern Europe. The East Friesian Dairy Sheep originated in the Friesland area of Holland and Germany along with the Holstein dairy cow. While other breeds are milked world wide, the majority by far are purebred or crossbred East Friesian. The East Friesian is very prolific, and a good ewe will sustain a lactation period of 220 days averaging 400 liters of milk. It is considered to be one of the best breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe. Paper is highly absorbent but difficult to manage in the field.milk quality, great temperament, class milk producers, Impressive amounts, milk cheese.What animals do you want to keep happy and healthy?East Friesians are great until they break your arm. The East Friesian sheep breed is native to Germany’s Northern area and to Friesland province in the Netherlands. They are a wool breed. These enclosures must have very good ventilation because moisture and poor air conditions lead to the sheep’s poor health.For warmth and comfort, bedding material should be provided. They are the sheep with the highest milk production and longest lactation that is available to those interested in milking sheep in the US. EAST FRIESIAN. Good feeding and careful genetic selection over several centuries has produced a high production milk sheep that is very docile and adapts well to intensive parlour milking systems. The East Friesian Sheep is one of the most productive milk producing sheep breeds. They can raise the average number of lambs born, as well as milk production, when crossed with other milk sheep breeds. Farming matters on any screen, anywhere, anytime.

It is considered to be one of the best breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe. Historically the sheep were kept in small numbers by households for household milk. Some options are straw, wood shaving, sawdust, corncobs, dried corn stalks, peat, hemp, paper, and alfalfa hay. We thoroughly enjoy our Friesians. The East Friesian is a docile but greedy sheep which quickly adapts to a parlour routine. They are large and beautiful sheep, known for their prodigious milk production, with lovely, sleek, wool-less faces, and skinny rat-like tails. The best bedding is absorbent, clean, and dry. Because their tails stay clean on their own, we never docked their tails. The East Friesian produces roughly 300-600 litres of milk, over a 200 to 300 day lactation.East Friesians are used as either a purebred milking breed or as a crossing breed for other milking sheep. The East Friesian Sheep is one of the most productive milk producing sheep breeds. If you are interested in learning more about our sheep or if you want to reserve a sheep, please contact me. The Foster Family, 'Haven Park', and the Galpin Family, 'Warrawindi', have had a long association over many years and we have recently purchased an East Friesian ram to breed our own ET cross rams for our commercial flock. East Friesian sheep is most productive breed of dairy sheep. Warrawindi's first involvement with East Friesians started 20 years ago when we put Silver Stream East Friesians over the Corriedale flock with great success. Livestock - Trials have proven that crossbred sheep are the best milkers, and less prone to feet problems. Over the past 30 years the Friesian has been used in crossbreeding to improve the milk yields and prolificacy of other breeds. The East Friesian Sheep is a heathland type dairy sheep which originated in the region of East Frisia in northern Germany. They also have beautiful wool with a nice crimp perfect for spinning. They have been very easy to train for milking and are definitely a “barn buddy." Their head is polled with an open white face which is long, bold and alert. We breed our Friesian sheep, not only for top-quality health, but also for milk production and kind temperaments. Raising pet sheep is a popular project in the 4-H youth organization.Some sheep owners keep their flock in a barn or similar enclosure to protect them from predators. (courtesy CSBA).Copyright © 2020 Alberta Sheep Breeders' Association - All Rights Reserved. They average around 2 lambs per lambing …

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