Decreased emotions, erectile dysfunction, and/or decreased libido are VERY common complaints. I dgaf when someone off meds turns into someone who literally grounds and pounds a stranger half to death for literally nothing, and thinks it’s a a good idea to confront a cartel member the way he did, you either force feed him his god dam meds, or keep kiss locked up in a insane asylum. When Ben goes off his meds that COMPLETELY changes.

But then he goes right out and talks to people and buys a phone to literally call the person trying to kill him. Once that happened, what could they do?Once he attacked Helen, his death warrant was signed. At that point, force feeding medication wouldn't make any difference.They tried to get him on his meds so many times.

His bipolar performance deserves praise and kudos to writers for matching him with my other favorite Ruth. Her losing her mind trying to keep her brother alive (a frightening and challenging task for any NON-criminal family, let alone one in Wendy's position) was heartbreaking and almost made me forget how cold blooded she can be. Starting with impulsivity, mood swings, increased sexual activity... he gradually works his way up to assaulting multiple people. I really think after he went off his meds there was a great opportunity to show him in bed in that basement classically depressed that was missed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. She knows EXACTLY what Ben going off his meds entails and it angers and terrifies her. Holy crap.

Enter Ben Davis (played by Tom Pelphrey), whom we come to meet during season three.He is Wendy’s brother, and we find out early on that he has bipolar disorder.During our initial meeting with him, we see how carefree and happy he is — someone who definitely has a reckless side but seems fine nonetheless. Their brains simply dont work the way ours does. And it was SO tragic to see it. Ben is actually just telling the truth and doing the right thing, but in that world those qualities, those virtues, are not rewarded.”,Anyone who’s watched Season 3 of “Ozark” is.“I imagine there are days when it’s close. Well, Wendy could have taken him to get new pills and supervised him taking them. So if he says he doesn't need medication, why wouldn't she believe him... until he straight up starts acting crazy.They tried to.

There isn't just one screw up, it's not just one moment. Little did he know how cathartic the experience of playing someone with bipolar disorder would be. 161. There is no other option.They made way too small a emphasis on how important staying on his Meds was.I disagree. I really hope this show keeps delivering like this.What’s heartbreaking is that Ben has the moral high ground. Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis (Netflix) One viewer shared, "3rd Season is pretty good by the way and Ben seems to be a great addition to the current cast. The actor did an amazing job of showcasing what a bipolar person has to deal with and, of course, those that love him.In any normal family, it is only a choice of helping him manage the symptoms on medication outside of a facility or commit him. They never say what he's taking, but there is a whole list of different psychoactive medications that are used to treat bipolar. That like me trying to make you think like a kangaroo, it just doesnt compute and that is the problem.Netflix TV series 'Ozark', starring Jason Bateman & Laura Linney,Press J to jump to the feed. But as quickly as Ben came, he went, and Pelphrey has a feeling things are only going to get darker in his absence.“Honestly I have no clue what they’re intending, but with everything that’s been done and all of the particular characters now that are affected up to this point, I can’t imagine,” he said. And, of course, when he goes off his medication to be [intimate] with Ruth, these things all go through the roof. She’s seen his episodes throughout the years, but she knows that in this instance he’s 100% right and although the Byrdes are trying to convince themselves that they’re doing what’s “right,” she knows her brother is seeing the reality in this situation.He's not wrong morally but his judgment and his self-preservation instinct is for ass.Thank you for sharing such an interesting perspective! ... Ozark’s a great show but it will never be in the same league as Breaking Bad and The Sopranos due to these inconsistencies. And when they're on the run, her exasperation with Ben's lack of mental capacity is so real and understandable. What a horrible choice and Wendy's scene in the car after leaving the restaurant broke my heart.I was looking for insight from other folks with lived experience on.HUUUUUGE miss imo on the depression side of the story.

Your mother freaked out and beat people? For those who have never seen it, “Ozark” is a Netflix crime drama series following the lives of Martin “Marty” Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) and his wife Wendy (played by Laura Linney). Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. See which ones you think Ben had:I especially loved the chain of events regarding of Ben's Bipolar Disorder (assuming manic type or Bipolar Disorder I):He's unpredictable and impulsive at baseline, but on his meds he's mostly okay. The third season of Ozark has arrived, allowing those stuck indoors to escape into the panic attack-inducing world of Jason Bateman and Laura Linney's …

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