You have to multiply everything by 10 since it’s a 10 pull. To get to the first one we have to go a long way, so arm yourself with patience and follow our advice. 100, 110 etc. Diamonds are really important in AFK Arena because these are one of the most effective ways to summon additional.The good news is, there are a lot of ways that will give you free Diamonds and some of them are not that obvious so I made this guide here that will show you the best and easiest ways to get additional Diamonds in AFK Arena.This one is a little bit hidden but you can get 40 free Diamonds every day in the offers in the daily tab.You might have overseen this because you will see the alert of new offers but might not have seen them between all the other options that cost real money.So, simply go into the offers each day and select the daily tab and claim them.Following AFk Arena on their social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord etc. The same happens in the labyrinth, although if you manage to overcome the three floors (getting as a reward about 200 diamonds), so you already have another way to get more every two days.Obviously, we also recommend that you complete your daily challenges and many others that can also give you this material. I don’t really recommend using diamonds on this early on as it is quite expensive.This can depend on what your current progress in the game is, but the general answer for most players is to spend them all on buying heroes from the 10x Summon option in noble tavern.The reason you want to use the “Summon 10” option is because it has a 10% discount, so you’ll receive one extra hero for the same price.The logic behind prioritizing heroes over gear is that gear can be relatively easily obtained from various sources, where as heroes are much rarer to earn.The further you progress into the game, the easier it is to obtain gear.It can be acquired from a multitude of sources such as the Campaign Quests, Peaks of Time, AFK Rewards, Guild Store and the Trader in the Arcane Labyrinth which can have a 40% discount on items.You also only at minimum really need gear for 5 heroes, where as you’ll need A LOT of extra heroes to ascend each one into Mythic+.Not the best stuff I got but it is cool ,I sure wish I got as many celes/hypo card drops as I do item drops….So, how’s your thoughts about the fast rewards? Laisser un commentaire Annuler la réponse. If you always buy it with 90 diamonds, it’s almost half the price. AFK Arena Hack Diamonds Generator 2019 to GENERATE Diamonds. GENERATE Diamonds. xx-4, xx-8 etc. The good news is, there are a lot of ways that will give you free Diamonds and some of them are not that obvious so I made this guide here that will show you the best and easiest ways to get … AFK Arena Cheats is able to give you a chance to redeem all codes in game when its release. will reward you 50 Diamonds each.Well, if you’re not into social networks you can still easily get them because.So basically just click the button, go there and jump back to the AFK Arena app and claim your free Diamonds, that’s it.It gets even better! Moreover, you will get 10 times the diamonds you get daily every 2 weeks when Arena of Heroes 2 weeks season ends. Unlimited Diamonds. How to get diamonds? 6 or 7) because low-level bounties won't appear on your bounties list.You can get some number of diamonds and other rewards by doing Voyage and Peaks of Time missions. Epic: 0.461 Epic per TEN pull – 0.0461 * 10 = 0.461 Rare: 0.486 Epics per TEN pull – 0.437 * 10 / 9 = 0.486 Common: 0.046 Epics per TEN pull – 0.5169 * 10 * 160 / 18000 = 0.046 Tavern Tokens: 0.1 Epics per TEN pull – 0.01 * 10 = 0.1 Total Epics per 10 pull: 1.093 – 0.461 (Epic) + 0.486 (Rare) + 0.046 (Common) + 0.1 (Tavern Token) = 1.093 Diamond cost.All in all, it’s about 1/3 cheaper to buy store shards, more if there’s a discount on it.MORE math. You will see that it will be pretty easy to take full advantage of it and you will manage to have a great game time with AFK Arena Cheat. The good news is, there are a lot of ways that will give you free Diamonds and some of them are not that obvious so I made this guide here that will show you the best … Répondre. You can change the language to Chinese and claim them once more:Using your daily free fights in the arena will give you daily free Diamonds at the next day and also a season award at the end of the week.Even if you’re not into that competitive part in AFK Arena you should just use your few attacks there frequently to get your Diamonds.We can’t just talk about getting more Diamonds here without talking about how to spend them wisely.All additonal Diamonds are useless when you’re not able to spend them on the right things. It’s 160 Hero tokens when retiring a Common, not 800. I pulled 20 x 10 summons using diamonds. Live … That’s 0.461 epic per 10x 2.
Although it may seem a lie, the truth is that the best way to get diamonds in AFK Arena is to play throughout the campaign mode. More then the 10 pull?This is an unofficial fan site. It depends on what heroes you get. However, this is more of an endgame option for when you’ve got most of the that heroes you want. I rather just get 2 elites that can ascend into the ascension tier. The good thing about the latter is that there are always methods that allow us to obtain them more quickly or efficiently, and today we are going to help you get more diamonds at AFK Arena. If we want Ascended tier only, then it’s impossible to get a ascend hero from rare ones, the 0.437 part are completely ignored.

Remember to do your battles on Arena daily to get more diamonds every day.Besides other fabulous prizes, you can also acquire diamonds for beating floors of the King's tower, as well as completing campaign quests by conquering specific floors (e.g. AFK Arena Hack Mod – Cheat AFK Arena Diamonds and Gold A lot of you guys have requested this new AFK Arena Hack Cheat to be made and we can tell you that starting from today, you can easily use it out.

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